Kinetic Signals

Centralized traffic signal management to monitor, control, and improve traffic flow


• Advance mobility today and pave the way to the future

• Manage your entire traffic network from a real-time map

• Track device status and graphically follow the network path from the devices back to servers

• Visualize real-time graphical data as well as usage charts with the ability to perform trend analysis

• Retain and display a history of system events that can be used to monitor operations and/or troubleshoot

• Easily expand and maintain devices with in-app licensing

• Integrate with third parties via dedicated API engine using GraphQL

• Web-based, thin-client platform


  • High-resolution data collection and reporting
  • Built-in ATSPM reporting capabilities
  • Interactive Time-Space Diagrams with offset editing
  • Customized reporting using device event details, communications logs, and external reports
  • Full support of NTCIP compliant alarms
  • Alarm delivery is supported via toast notifications, audio alerts, email, and text

Kinetic Signals Product Sheet