Offered specifically in the 5.8 GHz band, the E–LITE 450 is a high-performance broadband radio that delivers the highest throughput, lowest latency, and outstanding coverage in any outdoor environment.

The E-Lite 450 is perfect for the most demanding applications such as video streaming or backhaul applications and offers the following features:

  • PoE (802.3af/at compliant)

  • Integrated GPS

  • OFDM Technology

  • Traffic Prioritization

  • Received Signal Strength Indicator

  • Built-in Audio Alignment Tool

  • IP67 Weather Protection Rating


  • Faster data rates and more reliable connection

  • Handles Live Video and backhaul applications flawlessly

  • Real-time auto-optimization through smart features like Dynamic Frequency Selection and built-in Spectrum Analyze

  • Embedded GPS makes locating equipment easy in STRATOS

  • Reliable connectivity no matter the weather

  • Works with earlier generation equipment to save you time and money!

  • No digging needed! Easy installation gets you up and running faster

  • Configurable channel width

  • Easily visible signal strength and power indicator

Ordering Options

  • E-Lite 450 INT: Single Radio with Integrated Dual-Polarity Panel Antenna
  • E-Lite 450 INT Dual: Dual Radio with (1x) Integrated Dual-Polarity Panel Antenna & (2x) External Type–N Female Connectors
  • E-Lite 450 EXT: Single Radio with (2x) External Type–N Female Connectors

STRATOS Central Software

Stratos Elite –– our complete network visualization management system, is a powerful yet simple Windows-based interface for rapid wireless network deployment. It provides connectivity, visibility and manageability to sites and systems that were previously not online.

With Stratos Elite, you can:

  • Manage your Encom devices from a friendly user interface
  • Remotely control and configure your Encom devices
  • View and optimize the performance of your wireless network
  • Diagnose network and communication issues in real-time