The HARMONY Gateway Basic connects your remote Harmony Series wireless I/O devices to your IP network. This simple and compact device provides cost-saving features and easily integrates with any cellular or fiber access point.

The built-in 900 MHz FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) radio provides a reliable wireless connection for up to 254 remote Harmony or COMMPAK I/O devices when configured as a Master unit.

Combined with Stratos Elite, you get real-time visibility of all your remote devices with features such as scheduling and status updates.


  • Internal device memory permanently holds up to 16 schedules / 7-day plan / 365-day calendar

  • Integrated real-time clock with maintenance-free super cap backup and automatic DST / leap year adjustment

  • Precise timekeeping via NTP server synchronization

  • SNMP enabled for wide compatibility

  • Supports cellular modem connection

  • Facilitates event logging for other Harmony devices

  • Easily change schedules and set temporary overrides remotely

STRATOS Central Software

Stratos Elite –– our complete network visualization management system, is a powerful yet simple Windows-based interface for rapid wireless network deployment. It provides connectivity, visibility and manageability to sites and systems that were previously not online.

With Stratos Elite, you can:

  • Manage your Encom devices from a friendly user interface
  • Remotely control and configure your Encom devices
  • View and optimize the performance of your wireless network
  • Diagnose network and communication issues in real-time