The HARMONY IP I/O8 is a self-contained digital input/output device that enables remote monitoring and control of other Harmony devices with simple On/Off switch connections over an IP network.

With 8 inputs and 8 outputs, any device within the system can be used to control one or a group of outputs within the entire system using Encom’s proprietary “I/O mapping” technology, through your IP network or optional 900 MHz radio.

Our simple web-based interface lets you configure, control and check the status of every Encom device on your network—no other software is required.


  • Built-in 8 digital inputs & outputt

  • Flexible input/output mapping over LAN or optional 900 MHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum radio

  • Extensive delay timing functions available for each input/output

  • Event logging capability

  • Cellular modem ready

  • Uses SNMP or Stratos I/O for real-time alerts and monitoring functions

  • Additional functions become available when used with Stratos Elite such as:

    • 365-day calendar scheduling

    • Integrated real-time clock

    • NTP server clock synchronization

    • Remote schedule change & override

    • Plus much more!

Ordering Options

The Harmony IP I/O8 can be configured with or without a radio.

  • IP I/O8: 8 In, 8 Out Ethernet Gateway I/O Controller with built-in 900MHz FHSS Radio
  • IP I/O8 NR: 8 In, 8 Out Ethernet Gateway I/O Controller— NO RADIO

STRATOS Central Software

Stratos Elite –– our complete network visualization management system, is a powerful yet simple Windows-based interface for rapid wireless network deployment. It provides connectivity, visibility and manageability to sites and systems that were previously not online.

With Stratos Elite, you can:

  • Manage your Encom devices from a friendly user interface
  • Remotely control and configure your Encom devices
  • View and optimize the performance of your wireless network
  • Diagnose network and communication issues in real-time