The COMMPAK I/O8 is a digital input/output device specifically for wireless On/Off control and detection applications.

Each of the 8 digital outputs can be programmed to run either on schedule or on demand. This eliminates the need for timer relays and considerably reduces installation complexity and cost. Our configuration and management software also provides support for Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint deployment, giving the I/O8 infinite routing possibilities.


  • 8 digital inputs + 8 digital outputs

  • Extensive delay timing functions available for each input/output

  • Integrated real-time clock with maintenance-free super cap backup and automatic DST / leap year adjustment

  • 2 configurable operating modes available: Network or Standalone

  • Extensive security features

  • Additional functions become available when used with Stratos Elite and Encom Gateway products…

    • 365-day calendar scheduling

    • Spectrum analyzer + link diagnostics

    • NTP server clock synchronization

    • Remote schedule change & override

    • Plus much more!

STRATOS Central Software

Stratos Elite –– our complete network visualization management system, is a powerful yet simple Windows-based interface for rapid wireless network deployment. It provides connectivity, visibility and manageability to sites and systems that were previously not online.

With Stratos Elite, you can:

  • Manage your Encom devices from a friendly user interface
  • Remotely control and configure your Encom devices
  • View and optimize the performance of your wireless network
  • Diagnose network and communication issues in real-time