4 EVR Push Button

The 4 EVR is digitally controlled and virtually vandal proof. The 4 EVR utilizes a Piezo switch element that cannot be stuck in a constant call. An LED and audible tones are momentarily activated with the pedestrian call. The actuator is pressure sensitive and uses no screws or bolts in the functioning areas.

Freedom Pedestrian Push Button

The Freedom Push Button is a no touch – no contact pedestrian detector. Calls are activated when the pedestrian places their hand in close proximity to the surface of the push button. Easy for children, senior citizens, and pedestrians with disabilities to activate with a mere slide of the hand.


Typical Movement (TM) Pedestrian Push Button

Typical Movement (TM) push button is a spring actuated pressure sensitive Peizo switch that cannot be stuck in a constant call. It is designed to look and feel like a mechanical push button with the electrical specifications and life span of a solid state switch.

Series Mechanical Push Button

This line of robust push buttons is all metal construction to offer a great value against direct abuse. The switch is a phenolic enclosed precision snap action, single pole, double throw type. A passive linear bearing is utilized to reduce the coefficient of friction in the functional components. All components are machined to precise dimensions.


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