Eberle Design is committed to a continuous program of research and development to support a complete offering of traffic signal cabinet auxiliary equipment. It is this program that has led to the development of a complete line of NEMA TS-1 and TS-2, 170/2070 and ITS type signal monitors, inductive loop detectors, isolators, power supplies, load switches, and flashers.

iPack Intelligent Switch Pack

The iPack® series Intelligent Switch Pack for the ITS Cabinet v2 takes load switch and flasher technology to the next level. The HDSP units provide a high density dual channel design that is capable of driving ultra low current LED signals via FET output circuits. Built in voltage and load current monitoring data is reported serially to the CMU-2212 monitor unit.  This product family is currently under development and will be available in both 120 VAC (HV) and 48 VDC (LV) versions

Signal Monitors

The MMU2-16LE SmartMonitor® series Malfunction Management Unit (MMU) exceeds all the requirements set forth in the NEMA Standard TS2-2003 (R2008), including NEMA Amendment #4-2012 for Flashing Yellow Arrow (MMU2).  The MMU2-16LE series includes two large area Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) for a continuous Full Intersection display. A separate graphical LCD provides a menu driven interface to status, signal voltages, configuration, event logs, and the integrated context sensitive Help System. The built-in Setup Wizard ensures that the enhanced monitor programming is done quickly and accurately, even by a novice. The industry first Diagnostic Wizard automatically pinpoints malfunctioning signals and offers trouble shooting advice.

Inductive Loop Detectors, Load Switches and Flashers

EDI manufactures a wide range of loop detectors, load switches and flashers for NEMA TS-2 and TS-1 as well as 170/2070 cabinets.  Check out the Detector Product Selector to determine which detector works best for you.


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