The GRIDSMART System actuates intersections and gathers important traffic data to adjust signal timing and traffic flow strategies. GRIDSMART enables real-time remote monitoring and visual assessment.

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Fisheye, POE camera in the aesthetic GRIDSMART® bell.

Networkable CPU with NEMA TS1 and TS2 interfaces.

GRIDSMART® software for easy viewing, setup, editing, and reporting.

GRIDSMART® Engine that detects and tracks vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians.

Stop bar actuation, turning movement counts, highway counting, pedestrian detection, multi-site management.

GRIDSMART® API to access images, info, and data how you want.


Empowring Addons

Second fisheye camera for large intersections or obstructed views.

Traditional rectilinear camera for advance or isolated detection.


Counts Module

Counting, classification, and turning movements recorded onboard the GRIDSMART® CPU for up to one year. Powerful reporting tools integrated in the GRIDSMART® Client.


Select from report intervals of 15, 30 and 60 minutes. User-defined length-based classification. Industry-standard turning movement diagrams.


Retrieve count data from remote CPUs using the Client or API. Or use a USB storage device to automatically synchronize counts between the CPU and your Client.


One-button export of your reports to formats such as Excel®, PDF, and CSV.


Real Time Data Module

Minute-by-minute data for every zone. Available through the GRIDSMART® API.

Phase-aggregated data available in the Client for current conditions, last 15 minutes, and last hour.

Realtime data includes arrivals, arrivals on green, green time, and occupancy time for each minute of the last hour.

Includes zone attributes such as approach, phases, assigned turns, and name.


Pedestrian Module

Detect pedestrians moving through pedestrian zones.

Enhance intersection safety by extending pedestrian phases or signaling to alert turning drivers.




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