GRIDSMART is the world’s only single camera solution which actuates intersections and gathers important traffic data to adjust signal timing and traffic flow strategies. GRIDSMART enables real-time remote monitoring and visual assessment.


  • Fisheye, POE camera in the aesthetic GRIDSMART bell.
  • Networkable CPU with NEMA TS1 and TS2 interfaces.
  • GRIDSMART software for easy viewing, setup, editing, and reporting.
  • GRIDSMART Engine that detects and tracks vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians.
  • Stop bar actuation, turning movement counts, highway counting, pedestrian detection, multi-site management.
  • GRIDSMART API to access images

Empowering add-ons

  • Second fisheye camera for large intersections or obstructed views.
  • Traditional rectilinear camera for advance or isolated detection.

Counts Module

  • Counting, classification, and turning movements recorded onboard the GRIDSMART® CPU for up to one year. Powerful reporting tools integrated in the GRIDSMART® Client.
  • Select from report intervals of 15, 30 and 60 minutes. User-defined length-based classification. Industry-standard turning movement diagrams.
  • Retrieve count data from remote CPUs using the Client or API. Or use a USB storage device to automatically synchronize counts between the CPU and your Client.
  • One-button export of your reports to formats such as Excel®, PDF, and CSV.

Real Time Data Module

  • Minute-by-minute data for every zone. Available through the GRIDSMART API.
  • Phase-aggregated data available in the Client for current conditions, last 15 minutes, and last hour.
  • Real time data includes arrivals, arrivals on green, green time, and occupancy time for each minute of the last hour.
  • Includes zone attributes such as approach, phases, assigned turns, and name.

Pedestrian Module

  • Detect pedestrians moving through pedestrian zones.
  • Enhance intersection safety by extending pedestrian phases or signaling to alert turning drivers.


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