Intelight leads the traffic signal operations and management industry by consistently delivering off-the-shelf, innovative products and unmatched customer service via a collaborative approach. The company embraces open standards and modularity so its software/hardware can function seamlessly with everyone’s products. Intelight also leverages the latest technologies to create modern, easier-to-use solutions which ultimately boosts everyone’s productivity.


MaxTime 2.0

Work intuitively with easy-to-use ATC software and customizable dashboards.

  • Flexibility with the API
  • All-inclusive licensing
  • Open standards for collaboration
  • Thin client with web-interface
  • Customizable menu structures
  • Analytics


Streamline operations with advanced

ATMS software features:

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Alerts & alarms
  • Rich reporting tools
  • 3rd-party controller support

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