Kinetic CV

Centralized traffic signal data for connected vehicles & more


• Boost road safety and efficiency by sharing real-time traffic signal data with connected vehicles, smartphone applications, and more through third-party providers

• Aggregate and share SPaT data from all controllers in the system from a single, centralized end-point

• Access and install with ease

• Provide near real-time, low latency data (<250 ms)

• Create an intersection once and use it across the entire Kinetic Mobility platform

• Comply with leading industry data and security requirements

• Save up to 5x over alternative intersection-based hardware solutions — no hardware required

• Web-based, thin-client platform

Kinetic CV Product Sheet


Low-latency data provided in 250 milliseconds or less using V2X cellular communications. Data sets include:

  • SPaT
  • MAP
  • Position and lane tracking
  • Time-to-green/red Data is securely authenticated for specific applications using JSON Pub/Sub API.


Complies with the latest industry standards and guidelines for connected and autonomous vehicle operations:

  • ATC
  • DSRC J2735 standards
  • ITE CI guidelines