MAXTIME adaptive

Local adaptive signal control technology that uses real-time data to improve traffic flow


 • Reduce congestion and improve travel time without adding capacity

• Eliminate the need for a central system to run an adaptive solution

• Adjust traffic signal timing automatically

• Optimize adaptive cycles, offsets, and splits along traffic corridors automatically in real-time

• Transition between plans seamlessly when coupled with Q-Free MAXTIME ic

• Retain local programming and seamlessly serve preemption, priority, and advanced user-defined features


Contrary to black-box solutions, Q-Free’s local MAXTIME adaptive solution utilizes widely-accepted algorithms developed jointly by Purdue University, Indiana, and Utah DOT.



• Enable database editing through an onboard web server using a web browser — no proprietary database editor required

• Monitor and modify configurations from any HTML 5 compliant browser such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.

• Store and load hundreds of configuration databases on the controller

• Automate software updates via network or USB flash drive while intersection continues to run traffic signal operations

• Retain existing signal programming and continue to serve preemption/priority

• Write optimized timings to Intelight MAXTIME ic

    MAXTIME adaptive Product Sheet