Share real-time signal information with connected vehicles

^ MAXTIME cv web interface


• Connected vehicle solution that runs on your existing Q-Free ATC controller

• Real-time data with < 1-second latency

• Broadcasts SPaT, MAP, SRM/SSM

• Runs on same ATC controller as MAXTIME ic intersection control software

• View and configure in a web browser

• Connect with a broad set of DSRC radios or external vehicle services

MAXTIME cv enables agencies to broadcast key traffic signal data (i.e., SPaT, MAP, SSM) for connected vehicles without additional hardware in the cabinet. By broadcasting real-time signal data, MAXTIME cv enables the sharing of key data such as:


  • Position and lane tracking
  • Time to green/red
  • Actual and suggested speed
  • Preempt/EV notification
  • Traveler information message

MAXTIME cv Product Sheet