Ramp meter control software optimizes traffic flow onto freeways and reduces congestion and increases driver safety


• Minimize congestion by controlling traffic flow onto freeways and coordinating with nearby intersections

• Reduce collisions by breaking up groups of vehicles entering the freeway competing for the same limited gaps in traffic

• Monitor and modify timings via web browser from virtually any PC, tablet, or smartphone

• Support up to 16 mainline and 16 metered lanes, and 64 detectors

• Store and toggle between hundreds of timing databases on the controller

MAXTIME rm Product Sheet


  • Meets the existing NTCIP 1207 v02.06b specification as well as ATC v5.2
  • Operate in local traffic responsive mode by TOD • Adjust metering rates using volume and occupancy triggers to manage queuing
  • Shutdown metering in case of overflow using unique shutdown triggers
  • Easily and automatically update software via network or USB flash drive — no need for terminal servers or proprietary installer programs
  • All data is exposed to allow for any authorized third-party application to access or display ramp meter information

MAXTIME rm supports:

  • Wavetronix HD125 side fire radar for speed, volume, occupancy, 85% speed data
  • Serial and/or Ethernet communications
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP) and all other GPS-based clock inputs for time synchronization
  • Localintersectionintegration
  • Peer-to-peer communications with Advanced Logic Builder