Niagara - Protective Barrier &

Graffiti Remover

Niagara is a line of green solutions that protect and restore surfaces. Products are water neutralized and safe for the environment and user while providing unparalleled results of removing unwanted markings such as graffiti and much more.

  • Niagara CLEAR will restore the color contrast ratio and protect signs from weather elements and unwanted markings, extending their lifetime and warranty. Niagara CLEAR is a permanent barrier that is applied once and can be applied during the production of the sign or in the field.
  • Niagara CLEAN Sign Saver Protective Cleaner is recommended for cleaning signs and surfaces that are protected and coated with Niagara CLEAR permanent protection barrier.
  • Niagara SEQUOIA graffiti remover eliminates dirt, markings and graffiti from non-porous surfaces, including glass, metal, vinyl and powder-coated surfaces.
  • The Niagara GRAND SLAM can be used on porous surfaces, such as cement, concrete, wood, stone, rock, tile, and plastics.

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