NoTraffic Detection Package

Building upon every cities’ mission to provide for the safe, efficient, and convenient movement of people and goods, NoTraffic is leveraging cloud computing, AI, and computer vision to digitize urban intersections, connecting the infrastructure to the grid.

NoTraffic Detection Package empowers cities to digitize their urban intersections in 2 hours, through a plug & play IoT sensor offering superior detection. It also includes our signature AI and machine-learning algorithms for detection & classification, along with a 24/7/365 always manned support center.

Top-Line Benefits: 

  • Camera and radar-based plug & play sensors

  • Cloud-connected

  • Global controller compatibility



Plug & Play IoT Devices 

  • Camera & radar-based sensors

  • AI algorithms analyze all types of road users

  • Cloud-connected

  • OTA (over-the-air) operation & support

  • Future proof (5G + V2X support*)

    Detection: AI Fusion of Video & Radar

    • All-weather detection

    • Up to 600ft advanced detection

    • High accuracy and reliability

    • Precise classification includes vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles