Advanced Security Intelligence

By leveraging critical video and security data from surveillance and security platforms, cities can detect threats or anomalies, and quickly identify potential vulnerabilities. Security leaders can then improve real-time responsiveness and drive effective security planning.

Real-time Access to Critical Data

Proactive security operations allow for greater efficiency while utilizing supporting resources to stay focused on critical responsibilities and effective response. Reports and audit trails can benefit cities by providing the most relevant information needed to identify and analyze trends. This delivers advanced levels of insight to help ensure a high level of safety.


Multi-layered, Integrated Security Management Platforms

Open solutions are smarter and faster than proprietary systems, and facilitate enhanced collaboration that allows cities to achieve higher levels of security intelligence and risk mitigation. Centralized solutions are also able to help maximize analysis and evidence gathering for investigations, incident reconstruction and debriefing, and enable security personnel to coordinate and share data as necessary.


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