Solar LED BlinkerSign® & Solutions

TAPCO's Solar LED technologies provide earth-friendly, low-maintenance solutions for an ever-growing domain of traffic safety conflicts. Most of our systems employ solar power, LED technology and wireless communication, which simplify installation, reduce maintenance and benefit you significantly in terms of time, labor and utility charges.


High intensity LEDs command attention day & night

TAPCO patented AutoBright™ circuitry measures available light and adjusts the LED flash brightness accordingly; increasing visibility at high-incident locations.


Solar panels offer minimal electricity costs

Our BlinkerSign® signs have an added value of energy savings by being completely solar powered. By combining site-specific shading data with published global weather data, TAPCO creates an accurate solar site analysis. This data can then be applied to your BlinkerSign® system or other solar applications. (AC power is available if required)


Custom Solar LED Solutions are available

BlinkerSign® LED signs can be fabricated with any MUTCD legend, but sometimes a non-standard sign is necessary to convey your message. TAPCO will custom tailor the right sign, activation and power system to suit the application. We have years of custom sign and system design and our in-house technical team is there for you after installation – we stand behind our systems.

Smart activations

Time clock activation (great for schools)

Wireless control activation

Vehicle detection activation

and more



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