RAZOR Internally Illuminated LED Signs

One of the thinnest signs on the market at 1.6” (single sided and double sided).  Weighing only 5 lb./sq.ft. the RAZOR is designed to be the most durable illuminated street name sign on the market.  The Slide-Lock mechanism gives the RAZOR adaptability for both single and double-sided applications while using the same frame.  UL Certified Class 2 Power Supplies and LEDs are fully accessible via the RAZOR's removable end caps.  RAZOR's state-of-the-art LEDs are integrated into a rugged, thermally-designed circuit board that provides even illumination throughout the entire sign.

FLIP Front Access Signs

FLIP Front Access Internally Illuminated LED Signs have a flip-down door for front access to the LED panels and sign face.  Very light weight at  0.5 lb./sq.ft., the same 3.5" deep frame is used for both single-sided and double-sided signs.


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